Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera 20MP - High-Resolution Images, Fast Trigger Speed, and Night Vision

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Bushnell HD Trophy Trail Camera 119717cw

This Bushnell 119717cw trail cam gives you a comprehensive solution for all your outdoor video recording and image capturing needs.

The camera features a sharp lens that delivers clear, colorful and vibrant videos and images during day and night conditions. It is built tough and durable, designed to withstand natural hazards and extreme weather conditions. Additionally the camera features 0.2s trigger speed with an 80ft no glow infrared night range, and 20 MP images, 720P HD video. Overall making it the ideal device for capturing memorable, high-definition videos and photos.

Multipurpose Trail Camera

The Bushnell 119717cw trail cam is easy to use and install; it is a multipurpose device that can be used for many applications such as wildlife observation and hunting, home/property security, farm area surveillance, remote crop and other similar applications.

The camera is easy to use, it has both video and photo capture modes, time stamp, programmable operation hours, time lapse and loop recording.

To use, simply insert AA batteries and a standard SD/SDHC/SDXC card (user supplied). For best results, please format the SD card before first use.

720p HD Video

Captures incredibly smooth 720p HD videos with audio, The video is saved in a well compressed H.264 MP4 format, this in return significantly reduces the file size, which enables quicker downloading and sharing with family and friends, The MP4 format is ideally compatible with all players and devices.

Supreme sharp and clear Night Vision

Bushnell sharp lens and no-glow night vision technology is perfect for capturing animal night time footage without alerting them. Its smart illumination and blur reduction technology is designed to deliver crisp and clear footage under dark night conditions. It is the ideal camera for your night-time filming needs.


Durable designed to last long

The Bushnell 119717cw trail camera, aka camera trap, is design to withstand all weather conditions, it is invaluable for anyone looking to photograph wildlife. Using motion or heat detectors, this special type of camera can be placed in a natural environment and left to be triggered the moment an animal crosses close by.

This is the perfect way to shoot animals that are naturally cautious or skittish, making it difficult to get near enough even to use the best telephoto lenses. The trail camera also lets you to capture images of nocturnal animals, or see how animals behave when there are no humans about.



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It's really nice being able to see what's going on at your stand in live time...I live in Florida and hunt Indiana so I can't check my cards... it's great with everything I'll give it it 5 Stars

Tom Sexauer
Key West, FL

Camera works great. Had an issue setting it up that I could not figure out. I got a quick and helpful response through email. I'm using regular Duracell batteries it seems to have great battery life.

Martin Shainover
San Antonio, TX

how to Mount a Trail Camera to a Tree?

Every camera comes with its own strap for basic mounting.  It wraps around the tree and latches in the back.  For a little extra security, check out our very own lockable steel enforced strap.

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Works flawless. I love them. Zero problems and they’re a game changer.

Steve N.
Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic camera....update regularly and there will be no issues

David C.
Bloomsburg, PA