The Browning Brand has come to represent “The Best There Is” in Trail Cameras and outdoor products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Brand Information for Browning Trail Cameras

Appearing on the scene just a few years ago, Browning trail cameras have quickly become a favorite for both consumers and industry professionals alike. Over the last several years many trail camera manufacturers have consistently reduced the size of their models. However, few have attained the reduction in size Browning accomplished. Measuring just 4 1/2 x 3 x 2 1/2 with a realistic tree bark camouflage, Browning trail cameras are among the easiest to conceal.

What is the warranty for all Browning Game Cameras?

Browning trail cameras have earned a reputation for producing quality wildlife cameras, at affordable prices. Every Browning trail camera you purchase comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.

What are the major differences between the Brown trail camera models?

Browning Strike Force models are red glow infrared trail cameras. Browning Dark Ops have no or low glow models Browning Spec Ops specializes in high quality, no glow infrared HD video, it provides the best video resolution of any Browning game camera. Browning Recon Force is simply the red glow sister to the Spec Ops. Browning Defender Wireless is Browning's introduction into the cellular trail camera world. This is an ATT trail camera that sends photos directly to an app on your phone.