Spartan GoLive M 4G/LTE

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The Spartan GoLive M is a flexible alternative for the land manager or hunter on the go. Designed exclusively for Spartan Shared Data, the Spartan GoLive M uses smart carrier switching to keep you connected throughout the United States. Rather than buying from a single carrier, the GoLive M uses your Spartan Shared Data to choose a network for you. The GoLive M allows you to live stream at the touch of a button, capture images and videos on demand, and take advantage of simultaneous capture and sending to receive your pictures and videos faster than ever. It also features anti-theft GPS, real-time updates, and easy solar connections. Currently available in our Spartan Areus camo.


  • Connect directly to a 10W or 15 W solar panel.
  • Option to use an external battery.
  • Charge the 5300 mAh internal battery.

    Compatibility with the Spartan Camera Management App means that you can transmit photos and videos, and remotely update your settings with the touch of a button. Whether you’re monitoring land, cabins, or animals, the Spartan GoLive M will keep you connected with industry-leading technology.

    Take advantage of Spartan's 2-year warranty when you register your camera.


    • On-demand livestream video and real-time requests.
    • Perfect for live remote monitoring of your property, worksite, or wildlife.
    • Auto reminders to help you save data and power while livestreaming.
    • Connected by Spartan Camera Shared Data.
    • No worries on which cellular provider is available.
    • Can optimally connect with multiple carriers.

    • Automatically connects to most major carriers in the United States.
    • No roaming charges.
    • Transmits your camera’s location using Real GPS and an acceleration sensor to detect movement.
    • GPS will operate on the internal battery while turned off and without external power or AA batteries.

    • Connect directly to a 10W or 15 W solar panel.
    • Option to use an external battery.
    • Charge the 5300 mAh internal battery.
    • Customizable thumbnail transmission to helps reduce data usage.
    • Unlimited HD Photo and Video requests at no extra charge or need for premium credits.
    • Up to 30 seconds 1080p video.
    • HD photos with 8 MP resolution.



    • Dimensions: 9.7 x 7.0 x 4.2
    • Display Screen: 2.0" IPS LCD
    • Pir Detection Range: Up to 80 feet (24 meters)
    • Fov Field Of View: 56°
    • Gps: Yes - Through App
    • Image Resolution Sd Card: 4MP - |8MP
    • Image Transmission: Thumbnails-640 * 480 (Normal) or 1280 * 960 (Large)|HD Size Options (upon request): 2688 x 1520 (4MP) 3840 x 2160 (8MP)
    • Mounting: Tripod mounting sockets (bottom and rear), mounting strap, security cable lock
    • Night Illumination: Blackout
    • Operation Humidity: 5% - 90%
    • Photo Burst: 1|2|3|Sends all photos in photo burst
    • Pir Sensitivity Options: High|Normal|Low|Off
    • Power Supply: Internal|Built-in Lithium-ion cell / External: 12 x AA (1.2v-1.5v/ea.) / 12V DC / 12V Lead acid
    • Sd Card Capacity: Standard 128Gb
    • Send Video: Yes|Requires Premium
    • Temperature: -4 to 140 Fahrenheit (-20 to 60 Celsius)
    • Time Lapse Interval: 30s - 24h
    • Trigger: Motion (PIR)|Timer (Time Lapse)|Scheduled Events (Premium Required)
    • Trigger Interval: 0s - 60 min
    • Trigger Time: .4/.5
    • Video Resolution: WVGA(800*480), 720p(1280*720), 1080(1920*1080)
    • Video Frame Rate: 30fps
    • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
    • Video Transmission Length: 5 sec, 10 sec, 15 sec, 20 sec, 25 sec, 30 sec



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    It's really nice being able to see what's going on at your stand in live time...I live in Florida and hunt Indiana so I can't check my cards... it's great with everything I'll give it it 5 Stars

    Tom Sexauer
    Key West, FL

    Camera works great. Had an issue setting it up that I could not figure out. I got a quick and helpful response through email. I'm using regular Duracell batteries it seems to have great battery life.

    Martin Shainover
    San Antonio, TX

    how to Mount a Trail Camera to a Tree?

    Every camera comes with its own strap for basic mounting.  It wraps around the tree and latches in the back.  For a little extra security, check out our very own lockable steel enforced strap.

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    Works flawless. I love them. Zero problems and they’re a game changer.

    Steve N.
    Los Angeles, CA

    Fantastic camera....update regularly and there will be no issues

    David C.
    Bloomsburg, PA