SPYPOINT 16 GB MicroSD / 16 GB SD Card

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The MicroSD Card from SPYPOINT is a Class 10 card with 16GB of storage. Don’t let a poor-quality SD card be the weak link in your scouting plan. The Class 10 card delivers the performance you need to capture and store the best photos possible, and with 16GB of storage, you won’t have to worry about filling the card too quickly.


Class 10


The SPYPOINT MicroSD Card can be used in any device that uses a MicroSD card, including the  LINK-MICRO series of SPYPOINT trail cameras.

rugged & durable

2-year guarantee

You can confidently use our trail cams, knowing that we provide a no-hassle return on any issues encountered during our standard 2-year warrantee

what our customers say


It's really nice being able to see what's going on at your stand in live time...I live in Florida and hunt Indiana so I can't check my cards... it's great with everything I'll give it it 5 Stars

Tom Sexauer
Key West, FL

Camera works great. Had an issue setting it up that I could not figure out. I got a quick and helpful response through email. I'm using regular Duracell batteries it seems to have great battery life.

Martin Shainover
San Antonio, TX

how to Mount a Trail Camera to a Tree?

Every camera comes with its own strap for basic mounting.  It wraps around the tree and latches in the back.  If you want to lock the camera, you need to check out security devices.  We also have our very own security brackets that can mount to almost anything.  Check out our video for more info on trail camera mounting.


Works flawless. I love them. Zero problems and they’re a game changer.

Steve N.
Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic camera....update regularly and there will be no issues

David C.
Bloomsburg, PA