SpyHigh Adapter System

SpyHigh Adapter System

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Great Starter Kit! Use your own threaded pole!

The Spy High®️ Adapter System connects to most extension poles, painter’s poles, and broomsticks! Allows you to mount your trail/game cameras up in the tree, out of sight from predators and thieves!


The adapter set includes our exclusive Adapter piece, which will connect to most extension poles.  It has a threaded end which will attach your pole to our mounting platforms, along with our other accessories, which include our sawblade and laser attachment (also available on our website).  The adapter set also includes a tree attachment, a Universal Camera Attachment (with 2 bungees), and one camera mounting platform.


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It's really nice being able to see what's going on at your stand in live time...I live in Florida and hunt Indiana so I can't check my cards... it's great with everything I'll give it it 5 Stars

Tom Sexauer
Key West, FL

Camera works great. Had an issue setting it up that I could not figure out. I got a quick and helpful response through email. I'm using regular Duracell batteries it seems to have great battery life.

Martin Shainover
San Antonio, TX

how to Mount a Trail Camera to a Tree?

Every camera comes with its own strap for basic mounting.  It wraps around the tree and latches in the back.  For a little extra security, check out our very own lockable steel enforced strap.

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Works flawless. I love them. Zero problems and they’re a game changer.

Steve N.
Los Angeles, CA

Fantastic camera....update regularly and there will be no issues

David C.
Bloomsburg, PA