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Spartan Camera Omni-Directional Antenna

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The Omni Directional Antenna is meant to improve signal strength for cameras posted in areas facing poor signal strength. Its skinny profile allows for a discreet addition to your camera and includes a 5.5’ built-in cable for positioning in high areas of the antenna. The antenna is also 5ft long to reach a higher point, allowing your camera to communicate better with the cell tower. There is approximately a 7dB gain. Since this antenna is a complete assembly, all that is necessary is to simply screw off the existing antenna and screw on the omnidirectional antenna. A standard L bracket is included to allow easy mounting of the antenna to a variety of surfaces.


  • 5.5-foot cable
  • 22-in antenna
  • Adjustable, skinny design
  • 7dB gain with signal improvement technology


Compatibility Spartan Ghost Cam, Spartan GoCam
Warranty 90 Days