Spartan Camera 10W Solar Panel

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Placing a camera in the wild can come with a lot of uncertainty, but it shouldnt have to. Now powering your camera can be one less concern. The Spartan Camera 10W Solar Panel is specifically selected to meet the energy requirements of our Spartan GoCam series. When combined with the power of a battery and our custom-designed Battery Box, the Spartan Solar panel can exponentially extend your cameras battery life, thus cutting down the number of times you need to travel to a camera site.

Solar panels are a popular choice for external batteries for a variety of reasons. It can be incredibly frustrating to realize that your cellular camera has been missing pictures due to a lack of power, and these cameras are not always in easy-to-reach places. Regardless of whether the camera is in your back yard, at work, or hundreds of miles away, replacing batteries can be a hassle.

When you pair your camera with a battery box and our powerful solar panel, you can be assured that your battery life has been greatly extended, allowing you the freedom to leave your cameras wherever you need to, without the fear of suddenly having to rush out and replace AA batteries. Specifically chosen to meet the rigorous demands of delivering images to you, this solar panel helps cut down on damaging incursions to your trail camera sites, particularly when they are placed with the intention of mapping reclusive mature deer who are sensitive to any changes in their environment.


Compatibility Spartan GoCam
Warranty 90 Days