Are you an authorized dealer?

Yes!  Freedom USA Sales is an authorized dealer for all of the cameras we sell. That means that every purchase qualifies for the manufacturers' respective warranties. Most manufacturers do not offer a warranty if you buy from unauthorized sources.

Are the cameras new?

Everything you buy from us is brand new, manufacturer sealed.

Do you accept returns?

To protect against return fraud, and to help keep our prices as low as possible, we do not accept returns. All of our products are new with a 2 year manufacturers' warranty to be repaired or replaced if there is a defect. Browning and Tactacam cameras come with a 1 year warranty. If your having difficulties in returning a broken camera to the manufacturer, please contact us by email @ support@freedomusasales.com and we would love to help. 

Why should I buy from Freedom USA Sales? 

We strive to provide the best prices, and service. Get the products you've wanted, at great prices, while supporting a small business!