Spypoint Trail Cameras


Spypoint was founded in 2004, and by 2012 they were featuring their own cellular trail cameras. Today they feature a diverse line-up of trail cameras that have some revolutionary and capable design features and functions. Let’s go over the current Spypoint line-up of trail cameras and learn more about them, as well as what they can offer the outdoorsman.


Spypoint Force 2.0

Despite having an entry-level price tag compared to many of today’s trail cameras, the force 20 is a trail camera that is more than capable of performing above and beyond that cost.

.07 second trigger time, 20-megapixel photos, 80-foot flash, and 70-foot detection range from a camera that costs around 100 dollars is nothing to scoff at.

The force 20 features 48 low-glow LED lights for exceptional infrared photos, even when the ambient light levels are low, and will film videos in 780p.

Like most of Spypoints’ offerings, the force 20 is also very compact and stealthy, having minimal impact in the woods.


Spypoint-Link-Micro LTE Cellular Trail Camera

The Spypoint Link-Micro is a great trail camera with one of the best price points of any trail camera on the market. It’s incredibly compact and stealthy, making for easy concealment from the game and potential trespassers alike.

This trail camera is incredibly easy to set up and use. It’s also very simple to activate on your cellphone because they aren’t connected to your personal cellphone plan. What this allows you to do as a user is pick a cellphone provider plan that has the best coverage for the area the camera will be placed, as your current cellphone provider and your hunting land may have different levels of coverage.

The link-micro really pushes the envelope when it comes to performance, features, and price. In terms of performance, you can expect a detection and flash range of 80 feet and a trigger speed of 0.5 seconds.

On the features side, you get multishot photo modes, an LTE network, 10-megapixel photos, and photo plans that suit your needs, and there is even a free photo transmission plan option.


Spypoint Force-Pro

The force-pro is the force 20 on steroids and still maintains a price point that is an absolute bargain for the performance and features that you get with this camera.

This thing is a beast of a trail camera, with 30-megapixel photos and 4K video recording options. This thing will give you some of the best quality photos and videos of any trail cam.

On top of the excellent quality, the camera delivers the performance sheet on this camera is also tough to be for the low price, with a ridiculous trigger speed of 0.2 seconds, 110’ foot detection range, and a 54 LED flash arrangement, not only will you detect animals out far from the camera, the camera triggers in the blink of an eye to capture them while being capable of doing so even in very low ambient light conditions.

Any way you look at the force-pro, it’s just flat out hard to beat at this price range. You can get multiple cameras to cover large properties without having your wallet take a massive hit.


Spypoint Link-S-Dark 

In the trail camera world, the link-s-dark is a unicorn. It’s unique and has features that you simply won’t find on other trail cameras on the market today.

What features, you may ask? How about an integrated solar panel combined with lithium battery technology to give you a maintenance-free system. The benefits of a solar-charged trail camera are a pretty big deal. No longer will you have to change batteries constantly, keeping you out of the woods and your presence to the deer at a minimum.

The link-s-dark also has the (HIT) flash feature. Also known as Hybrid Illumination Technology, this system lets you customize your flash. Settings on the (HIT) system range from no-glow flash settings for maximum stealth or blur reduction to minimize motion blur in lowlight settings. You also have a selection of standard photos, multi-shot, timelapse, and video modes.

What about performance, you may ask? Well, it’s top-notch, with a trigger speed of .07 seconds for lighting fast photos, a detection range of 100 feet and a flash range of 80 feet, a 12-pixel camera, and the famous LTE setup and package that Spypoint is known for.


Freedom USA Sales Bundle Deals

Freedom USA Sales has great offers on Spypoint trail cameras, with pairs of all models in their inventory that save you money. The bundles come with everything you need to get your cameras operational, including batteries, flash drives, SD cards, and even reinforced locking straps or lockable housing units to deter any theft.

Sales of the bundles can range from 10% to 15% depending on the model, and that’s a decent chunk of cash on what is already some stellar prices for a trail camera that could easily be 25-50% more in cost when compared to other brands and sellers.

Each trail camera bundle has a few different variations that you can choose from in terms of accessories as well.



All the accessories needed to get your trail cameras operational are also for sale at Freedom USA sales, making it a one-stop shopping experience for all things Spypoint. SD cards, rechargeable lithium battery kits, security boxes, and cell-link universal cellular adapters are all available on the store website.