Spypoint Flex - The Best Cellular Trail Camera There is!

Spypoint Flex - The Best Cellular Trail Camera There is!

Spypoint FLEX Camera Overview

Spypoint has come out with a brand new trail camera that will give any level hunter a special edge in the field. The Spypoint FLEX has multiple new features, showcasing the highest megapixel camera out of Spypoint’s lineup and offering on-demand and scheduled setup programming.

The Spypoint FLEX highlights cutting-edge features on a budget, a two-year factory warranty, new illumination functions, and multiple customization options. Reliable LTE network connectivity and the most effortless setup give hunters peace of mind and confidence when adding this to their arsenal.

This cellular trail camera’s new features, redesigned antenna, and custom scouting options through the Spypoint mobile app are only the tip of the iceberg. The FLEX makes tracking and monitoring herd movement the easiest and most convenient yet.


The Spypoint FLEX trail cam features exceptional picture quality, incredible network connectivity, and time-lapse mode options. Crystal clear pictures with just as picturesque video and audio to match are quickly sent over reliable LTE networks. Test and format functions now have designated buttons that make setup even more efficient.

Some other noteworthy features:

  • 33MP pictures, 1080p video
  • Photo and video transmission
  • .3s responsive trigger
  • 100-foot flash and detection range
  • Four capture modes
  • GPS enabled
  • Dual-SIM, multi-carrier, and automatic connection to LTE networks
  • Test and format buttons
  • Remote firmware updates

Camera and Image Quality

The FLEX features a 33MP pixel camera and 1080p quality video with sound. The new designated test button is an incredibly useful feature that lets the user take a picture and send it to the Spypoint app immediately. A 100-foot flash and detection range encompasses a significant area for photo and video; the largest range yet.

In addition to the traditional timelapse feature, the new timelapse+ function still allows motion-triggered photos to be snapped while the scheduled time lapse is being created. The FLEX won’t let its hunter miss a thing, and 15-second video recordings with audio allow the hunter to gather context with any out-of-the-ordinary herd movement.

Configuration and Range

The FLEX automatically configures its settings to deliver optimal quality video and photos, day or night. Four LED lights illuminate the view range, with a flash range maximum of 100 feet. The FLEX automatically adjusts infrared illumination to prevent under or over-exposed images. 

On-demand requests allow hunters to see what’s happening in real-time over their FLEX, and GPS enabling allows the FLEX to contribute to tract mapping all over the Spypoint app.

The microSD memory card compatibility can accommodate up to 512GB of memory to store data from scheduled or continuous run times. The FLEX can shoot up to 3 photos per detection with its multi-shot mode and, in typical Spypoint fashion, stamps the date, time, moon phase, and temperature on each shot.

Connectivity and Setup

Dual-SIM Configuration

The FLEX features the first true Dual-SIM configuration in the industry, allowing it to connect to virtually any nearby network. If a primary network becomes disconnected, the FLEX will automatically search for a better connection on another network without user input. The redesigned and optimized antenna keeps connection strong and unwavering.

What’s even better is that this Dual-SIM is preinstalled and preactivated. Setup is a breeze the minute it’s mounted and turned on in the field.

Easy Test and SD formatting

Nothing ruins a day of setting up monitoring systems on a tract than when a hunter pulls out an unformatted SD card from their pocket to load into their trail camera. With the FLEX’s microSD and designated formatting button, formatting can be completed within FLEX itself. Remote firmware updates through the Spypoint app also allow peak performance to be maintained.

A cutting-edge feature and benefit of formatting the microSD card within the camera is that the FLEX automatically establishes a protocol that allows the FLEX to continue to add new photos to the card while in transmission mode. Formatting may also be done remotely; however, data will be erased if the card is not recovered prior to remote formatting.

The Performance You Want, The Freedom You Need

8 AA alkaline batteries power the FLEX to provide consistent power without fail. The FLEX also comes with a two-year “Know you’re covered” warranty and multiple features to keep programming updated remotely while continuous, quality data is sent directly to the user’s phone for easy monitoring.

A great bang for the buck, the Spypoint FLEX trail camera is a fantastic option for the hunter that needs a high-quality camera with remote and user-friendly setup features that’s incredibly low-maintenance.