How much does it cost to use a cellular trail camera?

How much does it cost to use a cellular trail camera?

Cellular Trail Camera Plans


Modern trail cameras have come a long way from their inception, and many of the most popular cameras today are the cellular models, allowing you to check on your photos and videos from anywhere, changing the way we scout forever.


Each company uses a cellular provider and plans for their cameras. Determining the different plans by brand can be confusing and overwhelming to hunters who are not familiar with the brand or are switching over from the more traditional style of trail camera. In this article, we will break down the cellular camera plans for the brands that we carry.


Spartan Trail Cameras


Spartan trail cameras use both Verizon and AT&T. When shopping for a trail camera, it will say which carrier the trail camera will work with, allowing you to choose your preferred carrier.


Shared Data Plan


Spartan also has a new shared data plan. The shared data plan is great for those who have multiple Spartan cellular trail cameras on their hunting property.


The shared plan allows you to put multiple cameras under the same plan instead of setting up individual plans for each camera, which can be a major hassle and is quite a bit to keep track of, with the spartan shared plan getting all your cameras put onto the plan is quick and simple.


You can add a camera to your plan for an additional 5 dollars per month, and there aren’t any fees for activation or deactivation. You can also have up to 10 cameras on a single plan.



Browning Trail Cameras

Browning has a wide variety of plans to choose from, with plans for small amounts of photos and video to large, all depending on your individual needs.


Status Plan: $4.99/mo

The Status plan gives you only the basic communications data package of battery monitoring and GPS data transmission. You cannot upload and photos or videos with the basic status plan. 

Scout Plan: $9.99/mo

The scout plan allows for 1200 standard images to be uploaded from your cellular trail camera, and you can only have one camera on the plan in total. You also get your first month of service for free.  

Scout Plus Plan: $12.99/mo

The Scout Plus plan allows you to upload up to 2400 standard images a month. Along with the 2400 standard images, you can also upload ten high-definition photos a month. You can also have up to 2 cameras under the scout plus plan. 

Hunter Plan: $19.99/mo

The hunter plan allows for 3000 standard images along with 50 HD images a month. You can also have up to 3 cameras on the hunter plan.

Hunter Plus Plan: $29.99/mo

A step up from the hunter plan, the hunter plus plan allows for up to 6000 standard images and 300 HD image downloads. Video uploads are included in this plan, with 100 video clips a month as well. 

Guide Pro Plan: $49.99/mo

The largest plan offered with Browning cellular trail cameras is the guide pro plan. Twelve thousand standard images, 400 HD images, and 150 video clip downloads per month come with this plan, and you can have up to 6 cameras on the plan in total.


There is an additional $5.00/mo charge for each additional camera for allowed shared plans, with the first camera included in the plan’s price.



Spypoint Trail Cameras

 Spypoint trail cameras have four photo transmission plans to choose from, and you can choose to pay for these plans either monthly or annually.

 Free Plan

 The free plan allows you to download up to 100 photos a month, and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

 Basic Plan

 The Basic plan allows for the transmission of 250 photos.


 Standard Plan

 One thousand photo downloads are included with the Spypoint standard plan.


 Premium Plan

 The premium plan allows you to download unlimited photos a month.



Covert Wireless Trail Cameras

 Covert allows you to choose between Verizon and AT&T so you can pick whatever works best for you and the area you hunt. The plans can be monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

 Covert also has international plans as well as monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans. All data packages, photo counts, and prices can be found here.


 Moultrie Trail Cameras

 Moultrie trail cameras have three simple packages for you to choose from, and these packages can be paid for either monthly or annually.

 Monitor Package

 The Monitor package allows you to download 100 images and one video per month with one camera per plan.


 Standard Plan

 The Moultrie standard plan lets you download 10 videos and 1000 images a month with one camera per plan.


 Unlimited Plan

 With the unlimited plan, you can download up to 50 videos and download an unlimited amount of photos per month, with one camera allowed per plan.




 Tactacam has three great plans to choose from, and they also allow multiple cameras to be under one plan, and you can pay either monthly or annually, making things simple.

 Starter Plan

 With the starter plan, you get 250 photos per camera per month with no activation fee. You can also add additional cameras for $5.00 a month or $55.00 a year.

 Monthly: $5.00

Yearly: $55.00


 Intermediate Plan

 The intermediate plan allows for 500 photos per camera per month with zero activation fees. Additional cameras can be added and cost an additional $7.50 a month or $75.00 a year.

 Monthly: $8.00

Yearly: $85.00


Pro Plan

 The pro plan gives you unlimited photos per month per camera, with additional cameras costing $12.00 per month or $96.00 per year for each camera.

 Monthly: $10.00

Yearly: $120.00



Bushnell Trail Cameras

 Bushnell has four separate plans for you to choose from, but they also include the unique feature of maintenance mode, which allows you to keep your data package active even during the off-season when you may not have trail cameras in the field.

Economy plan: 1,500 thumbnails a month - $9.99/mo 

Basic Plan: 3,000 thumbnails a month - $19.99/mo

Deluxe Plan: 7,000 thumbnails a month - $29.99/mo

Elite Plan: 15,000 thumbnails a month - $59.99/mo