Browning Trail Cameras


In the hunting world, Browning has long been a household name and has a rich history in the firearms industry with the famous John Moses Browning at the helm, who designed world-famous firearms like the 1911 and the B.A.R. In recent years, they have incorporated many other products to their line-ups like compound bows, clothing, and the topic of this post, trail cameras.



Command Ops Elite


The commando ops elite has some excellent performance and features in a small compact package. The features of this camera blow other cameras in the same price range completely out of the water, with 720p HD video, 18-megapixel photos, and an 80-foot flash range, and a 70-foot detection range.


The Command Ops Elite also has illuma-smart technology and will adjust its infrared flash to produce exceptional low-light photos. The photo modes allow up to 4 rapid shot images and eight multi-shot image settings to choose from.



Browning Strike Force Apex


For the low price of the apex, you get a trigger speed of .22 seconds, which is very competitive when compared to other trail cameras on the market.


The camera also features several flash modes to choose from. These flash modes are Long-range mode, power-saving mode, and fast motion mode. All of these modes have a time and place in the field, and it’s up to you to choose what works best in your scouting situation.


The strike force apex also features great video quality, with 1600x900 HD videos that include sound.


This camera is a step in the photo mode department compared to their entry models, with eight multi-shot as well as eight rapid shot photo capabilities.



Browning Dark Ops Apex


The Browning Dark Ops APEX trail camera produces great photos with 18 megapixels and also captures 1600 x 900 HD+ video with great sound.


The dark ops apex also has a stellar 0.22-second trigger speed, and the camera, like other models is also capable of capturing up to 8 images in Multi-Shot mode and 8 in Rapid Fire mode ensuring that you don't miss a thing and provides you with multiple photos to easily study that trophy bucks rack.


The flash and detection range of the camera reaches out to 80 feet, allowing you to see animals in low light at quite a far distance.



Recon Force Edge


The Recon Force Edge trail camera features an adjustable detection range that varies from 55ft. - 80 ft. depending on your preference, and has three adjustable IR flash modes to produce the best quality photos even in the lowest of lighting conditions.


Another great feature with the recon force edge is the addition of a built-in 2” color display to preview images and videos on the spot, without needing to swap out SD cards if you dont want to.


The trail camera also features great high definition 20 megapixel photos along with 1920 x 1080 full HD video in both 30 or 60 frames per second.


Additional features include smart IR video, which continues to record video footage while the game is moving in front of the camera even in very low light conditions, so you don’t miss a thing.



Recon Force Elite HP4


The recon force elite HP4 is equipped with loads of great and helpful features that can and will help any hunter in the field. You can adjust the flash modes depending on your particular environment, with battery-saving modes and other options for heavy cover areas or long-distance flash for open areas.


 Detection range, detection time, and video quality are also adjustable depending on your needs. The camera also has lightning-fast trigger speeds from .1 to .7 seconds with a half-second cool-down period.




Spec Ops Edge


The spec ops edge trail camera features the highest quality photos out there, having 20 MP image resolution for sharp and clear images, alongside an invisible power “Night Vision” IR illuminating flash that can be adjusted with various modes like power-saving mode or long range mode .


The spec ops edge camera also features great video as well in 1920 x 1080 full HD, making it great for viewing on your computer or big screen.


Additional features include a 2“ color view screen so you can view the photos taken right in the field and SD card management options that will allow you to overwrite older photos with new ones as they are taken instead of remaining full and not taking any new photos.




Defender Ridgeline


Cellular trail cameras are incredibly popular and have really changed the game when it comes to scouting the areas that you hunt. The defender ridgeline is a very affordable trail camera with top-of-the-line features that gives you the option of wireless capabilities.


A defender ridgeline is a great option for hunters who operate on hard-to-reach and remote hunting properties, as well as areas that you want to keep your presence to an absolute minimum like bedding areas, rub lines, scrapes, and other sensitive locations.


The defender ridgeline has both AT&T and Verizon pre-installed to chose from, and it is very easy to manage using Browning’s strike force wireless management system.

With the strike force wireless management system, you can transmit HD images or Video clips over a nationwide 4G LTE network, allowing you to stay out of your hunting areas and eliminate any disruption that would occur.


Browning Defender Wireless Pro

 Another cellular camera offering by Browning, the defender wireless pro, is yet another great camera that is easy on the wallet while giving you some serious bang for your buck.

 The defender wireless pro offers 18MP images for great shots even in very low light conditions due to the adjustable infrared night vision flash, along with 1600x900p HD video that you can view from home without ever leaving the couch.

 The defender wireless pro camera, like other wireless offerings from Browning, has both AT&T and Verizon pre-installed to chose from, and it’s very easy to manage using Browning’s strike force wireless management system after getting set up on the management system and selecting your provider, you can get all photos and videos taken on your trail camera from your phone or computer.


 Browning BTC-4EX Command Ops Elite 18

 This trail camera is one of Browning’s latest offerings, and it boasts some big performance and features in a small and compact package.

 The trigger speed on this camera is lightning fast, coming in at 0.3 seconds, ensuring that you get a glimpse of everything that walks in front of it, no matter how fast, and at a long distance.

 The photos come in at 18 megapixels, and the video has excellent quality at 720p HD. Like the other browning cameras, the command ops elite 18 has an adjustable infrared night vision that is adjustable, providing the best images time and time again.

 You also get an eight multi-shot imaging mode and a four image rapid-shot mode to choose from, along with an 80 ft. infrared flash range and a 70 ft. detection range to get great shots at a decent distance.


 Freedom USA Browning Trail Camera Bundles


Freedom USA has bundle deals on all of Browning’s trail cameras. Not only do you save money when buying the bundle or two trail cameras, but you also get a ton of accessories with them.

 These bundles save you time and hassle by including all the batteries needed along with lockable straps to secure the cameras to trees, stumps, or fence posts, two SD cards, and more.

 All the accessories needed to get your camera in the field are in the bundle, allowing you to pick up the package from your doorstep and immediately head for the woods.